Super ( Ultra) capacitors

As fossil fuels run out fast and climate change make weather conditions unpredictable , we need to maintain regular and reliable supply of electricity. Batteries have been traditionally used a power storage solution however they suffer from slow charge and discharge issues . In contrast to batteries , capacitors have been long used to store […]

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Solar Energy in India

“Our vision is to make India’s economic development energy-efficient. Over a period of time, we must pioneer a graduated shift from economic activity based on fossil fuels to one based on non-fossil fuels and from reliance on non-renewable and depleting sources of energy to renewable sources of energy. In this strategy, the sun occupies centre-stage, […]

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Building a Solar powered Robot

Robot vehicles are notorious for draining the battery very rapidly , limiting their useful work time. However to prolong the usability of a robot, it should self recharge itself with as less manual intervention as possible. To accomplish this , I will describe various approaches using Solar Energy which can provide enough power to a […]

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Energy Trends wordwide

As the world progressed into rapid tech advancement , digitisation and industrialisation, the hunger for energy is daunting and pressing the natural resources to brink of exhaustion. Following graphs from IEA depict the gravity of the situation . Total primary energy demand in Million Tons of Oil Equivalent ( MTOE) While the above graphs depict […]

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Photovoltics and photoelectric effect

  In spite the fact that PV cells were invented with the findings of  Silicon’s behaviour to become semiconductor under sunlight and consecutive usage in space programs , the subject of Solar energy was on back-burner due to easy access to fossil fuels. Photovoltics Without going too deep into physics , electrochemistry or photochemistry , […]

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Solar PV Systems

Solar PV system connected to Main Grid Usually found as Solar Rooftop PV(Photo Voltaic)in housing and corporate buildings. These are Grid-tied Utilities ie connected to power lines  and sometimes perform back feeding too. In regular days  with ample sunlight ,the solar PV charges the battery and provides for the load in the connected building/ housing […]

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Solar Energy

  With great power , comes great electricity bill — anon Sun is a 4 billion year old fusion reactor. It harnessed properly  it produces enough energy to meet global energy demands without every any exhaustion. I have been very fascinated by the concept but sadly the potential of solar energy hasn’t been tapped yet […]

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Renewable Energy

This article is the first in series of renewable energy. Energy is the driving force of our civilisation and without it almost all of our modern day activities will be halted and technology advancement will come to standstill . The world currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its increasing energy demands. […]

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